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Tool Box Talks Week 9

The ‘DRS ABCD’ Action Plan

TOOLBOX TALK week 9, 02/03/18

If you see a crash or are the first to arrive at the scene of a crash, your actions are vital – you may be able to save a life, lessen the long-term severity of injuries or prevent further vehicle crashes. By simply understanding the steps of the DRS ABCD action plan, you may be able to achieve this.

The DRS ABCD Action Plan:

Dangers – Look for possible dangers to yourself, others and the patient. Assess your surroundings and ensure the area is clear.

Responsive – Check to see if the patient is responsive. Ask for a name, squeeze their shoulder, ask for a response.

RESPONSE à Make the patient comfortable and help them out of the car, away from the road. Monitor their response. NO RESPONSE à Send for help.

Send for help – Call emergency services on triple zero (000) for an ambulance.

Airways – Open the airways. Open the mouth and check the airway for forgeign material. NO FORIGIEN MATERIAL, CLEAR ARWAY à Leave the patient in their original position. FOREIGN MATERIAL ABSTRUCTING AIRWAY à Place in the recovery position and clear the airway.

Breathing- Check for breathing: look at their chest, listen with your ear to their lower face, and feel for their breath for 10 seconds. NORMAL BREATHING à Place in the recovery position and monitior their breathing. IRREGULAR BREATHING à Ensure an ambulance has been called. Begin CPR.

CPR – 30 seconds of chest compressions: 2 breaths. Continue until help arrives or the patient starts to breath.

[endif]--Defibulator – Attach defibulator and follow the voice prompts ![endif]--![endif]--

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