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Tool Box Talks

Stef's Transport Pty Ltd distribute Toolbox Talks  to all employees, subcontractors and tow operators, to encourage optimal workplace health and safety practices, well being and physical health. 


February 2022

Red Feb Raising Awareness of Heart Disease

February is Red Feb, raising awareness with the big problems long haul drivers could face, heart disease


December 2021

End of Year Re-Cap

We wanted to re-cap our topics for the past year


October 2021

Correct Load Restraint & Preventing Load Shift

Always restrain your load correctly


August 2021

Defensive Driving

Don't rely on other road users to do the right thing


January 2022

Working in Hot & Humid Conditions

It's bloody hot out there so stay cool, stay safe


November 2021

Heavy Vehicle Daily Checks

Prestarts before your journey are very important


September 2021

Speeding in a Truck

A speeding truck can easily be deadly 


July 2021

Air Bag Control Valve

Correct position of height control valve prevents damage

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